Official Rules

Official Rules


These Official Rules apply to Contests and/or Promotions conducted by WEDDINGSWITHSTYLE.NET and/or Weddings With Style Intl. Magazine.

No Purchase Necessary to Enter or to Win.



You must be 18 years or above to enter all contests. Participation in the contests is currently open to legal U.S. residents and Canada. Only one entry per person is allowed within a 30 (thirty) day period. Multiple entries will be cause for disqualification. When you submit your information to enter these contests and/or promotions, entrants unconditionally agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions, as well as any additional terms posted in these Official Rules for WEDDINGSWITHSTYLE.NET and/or Weddings With Style Intl. Magazine.

How to Enter

You may enter through the online registration program posted on WEDDINGSWITHSTYLE.NET. Proceed to the link on this site stating “GIVEAWAYS”. Provide your information and click “submit”. Your entry will be processed. Secondly, you may enter the contests or promotions while attending Bridal Shows, in which Weddings With Style Intl. Magazine is participating. Visit the Weddings With Style Intl. Magazine booth and fill out your entry/registration card. Bridal Shows are held in different geographical locations, Weddings With Style Intl. Magazine may or may not be available in your area at the present time.

Winners and Prizes

One (1) prize within every thirty (30) day period will be awarded to a winner. The prizes vary per giveaway. Examples of prizes being awarded including but not limited to, is inclusive of crystal, flatware, items or services needed for your wedding, gift cards, kitchen gadgets, cookware, pewter, china, etc. The winners are determined by monthly random drawings from all eligible entries submitted. From time to time WEDDINGSWITHSTYLE.NET will host a promotional Honeymoon Giveaway in conjunction with a sponsor or affiliate of Weddings With Style Intl. magazine. These special contest promotions are held at random and you will be notified of such contests by logging on to WEDINGSWITHSTYLE.NET for more information. The odds of winning are dependent upon the total number of people entering the constest or promotion.

Notification and Release

Winners are notified by email, or telephone to confirm your shipping address. Items won by contestants will be shipped within 5 (five) days of notification. Failure to respond to a prize notification within 7 (seven days) will result in your forfeiting of the prize, and it will be awarded to an alternate winner. All winners are responsible for paying and/or reporting any taxes (including federal, state, and local) that may become due as a result of your winning a prize. WEDDINGSWITHSTYLE.NET will not assume any responsibility or obligation for reporting or withholding taxes. The winner agrees to release the use of his/her name, hometown, interview (in whole or in part), photograph, voice, and/or likeness for the purpose of advertising, without compensation except where prohibited by law. The winner also agrees that his/her name may be released on the list of winners to be distributed to anyone who submits a written request to view previous winners of the contests or promotions.


WEDDINGSWITHSTYLE.NET takes the privacy of the users of this site and their personal information very seriously. Please refer to the Privacy Notice posted on this site for more details. WEDDINGSWITHSTYLE.NET will not ever ask for your social security number or private financial bank account information. If anyone attempts to contact you regarding these issues, please do not respond,
and email the editor as stated in the Privacy Notice.

Terms and Conditions

Your use of this site is governed by the provisions contained in the Terms and Conditions and applies to all who visit this site. Your use of WEDDINGSWITHSTYLE.NET constitutes your agreement to be bound by and to comply with the provisions set forth herein. If you do not agree with these Terms and Conditions please discontinue use, do not access, or otherwise use this site. You many refer to the Terms and Conditions posted on this site to view them in their entirety.

Changes to the Official Rules and Additional Information

Please be advised that WEDDINGSWITHSTYLE.NET, reserves the right to amend, change, add, delete, update, modify, or revise these Official Rules at any time without prior notice. The most current “Rules” will be posted on this site. WEDDINGSWITHSTYLE.NET reserves the right to substitute a prize with another prize of equal value for any reason.

Release of Liability / Indemnity

All participants agree to hold WEDDINGSWITHSTYLE.NET and/or Weddings WithStyle Intl. Magazine, its agents and/or representatives, fulfillment agencies, advertising promotions, affiliates, vendors, and/or sponsors, harmless from any and all damages, losses, claims, and/or actions of any kind in association with these contests and/or promotions. WEDDINGSWITHSTYLE.NET will not be liable for any harm arising out of use of any prize. WEDDINGSWITHSTYLE.NET is not liable, or responsible for lost or late submissions by contestants, or misdirected notification to winners.

Winners Lists

In order to obtain a copy of the Official Rules or Winners List, please send a stamped self-addressed envelope to: WEDDINGSWITHSTYLE.NET, P.O. Box 1365, Shreveport, LA 71164, USA. Please specify your request. 


Questions or concerns related to these Official Rules may be directed to WEDDINGSWITHSTYLE.NET, Customer Support, P.O. Box 1365, Shreveport, LA 71164, USA, or email the editor .  You agree that WEDDINGSWITHSTYLE.NET or WeddingsWith Style Intl. Magazine may keep records of the conversations exchanged with you in order to monitor quality of service and/or documentation of needed information.


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