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Choosing the Right Photographer
A young bride walks down the aisle in her mother’s ivory wedding gown, holding tight to her father’s arm. Somewhere in the room, a camera flashes. A year later, the bride is thumbing through her wedding album when she comes across the picture. What precious moments will your photographer capture?

Finding the Photographer:
 This is your moment. Do not entrust your memories to just anyone. Interview photographers that have scored high recommendations from friends, florists, or wedding consultants. Browse through their portfolios and ask for references. Don’t forget to check out their websites. Many store some of their best work there.

Giving the Interview:
 Get to know the photographer. Find out what types of shots and film he or she normally uses for wedding photography. Some photographers prefer to shoot weddings in black and white for a clean, classic look. Others opt to capture weddings in their full colored splendor. Glance through samples of each before you decide what style best fits your wedding.

Your Best Offer:
 Find out contract specifics. How long will the photographer be at the ceremony? Will he or she be using an assistant? Will the photographer provide any additional lighting needed? How many prints and what styles are included in your wedding package? Is there an additional charge for mileage? 

Photography Technology:
 Find out if the photographer uses digital imaging to fix minor flaws and smooth out images. Digital imaging also offers another advantage to the consumer – easy transfer to a CD for your home computer.

Photography is an art:
 A professional photographer is a creative genius when dealing with film, light and his or her subjects. You wouldn’t buy bad art. Why settle for anything less than quality wedding photographs? 


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