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Music sets a mood. It is part of many events and rituals that people enjoy. But they can only enjoy it at a wedding or reception if the music is done right. Given the differences in taste, how is such a thing possible? By picking the pieces, timing and the volume that's appropriate to each part of the day.

No specific selection is likely to appeal to everyone. But keeping the music in the background before the ceremony can help no matter which pieces you choose. 

Select according to the situation, also. Some people enjoy loud rock. A fine choice. But it doesn't fit in the moments before the wedding ceremony as the guests are being seated.

Consider the right volume, as well. An upbeat atmosphere can be created without blasting the music out. Save it for the reception, after everyone has gotten loosened up. Anyone who doesn't enjoy the style or volume is then free to take a break outside.

Soft romantic music is generally the preferred choice for the moments just before the ceremony. That's fine. But that leaves open a wide set of options. Judge your audience. Are they the sort to prefer some soft tunes from the 1990s? Or, are they more likely to respond to Chopin?

No one size fits all, of course. But if the arrangements are right, people who never listen to classical often find they like it. A Beethoven string quartet is going to be too grim for most audiences. But a sugar-light confection from the latest folk musicians may annoy others. The resolution to the dilemma is, once again, to judge your audience.

At the reception, all bets are off. A wide selection can and should be offered, to provide something for everyone. Though, without doubt, the entire day belongs chiefly to the bride and groom. Their tastes (which also may differ a lot, of course) are important. But at the same time, people were invited to share that day. You'll want them to have a good time.

The way to up the odds is to pick a wide variety of periods and styles. Something that appeals to one type will be not the favorite of another. If everyone gets something they like, and something they don't, they can listen at one time and have a drink outside at another.

Does this lead to an eclectic mixture? You bet. But it's a reception, not a Broadway musical. If your wedding guests are all die hard classical aficionados, your task might appear easy. You can just go with one set from your collection. But those very types of people tend to be more critical listeners and your selections may be even harder.

The same could be said for a fairly uniform set of guests who enjoy 70s rock, or heavy metal, jazz, or any other period or style. But wedding guest lists are usually made up of a more diverse group of people, musically speaking.

Pick music that sets the right mood at the right time, then keep the volume appropriate for the moment. The only way to do all that, of course, is to follow your own heart.


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