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Videography with Style
Forget about hiring the uncle who pulls out the video camera at every family event. Asking a friend or family member to play cameraman at your ceremony may look like a great way to save money, but what you are likely to end up with is something less than movie magic. Besides, you do not want those important people to miss out on your special moments while manning the camera.

The Straight Version:
 The mayhem in the dressing room before the ceremony, the frilly flower girl that covered her eyes when you kissed your partner, and your mother sobbing on the front bench are memories that you want to preserve. For a realistic play-by-play of all these events, ask your videographer for a straight version of the wedding day. This is generally the longest version of the wedding video, and is also the least expensive option. 

The Wedding Documentary:
 For a more emotional look at your wedding day, ask the videographer to create a documentary of your wedding day. The videographer will blend footage of the wedding with anecdotes from friends and family members. Your mom has a great story about the time she caught you sneaking down the trellis to see your significant other. Your great-grandmother wishes you a long and blessed marriage between bites of wedding cake. Why miss out on the opportunity to preserve these memories?

Personalized Videography:
 The third method is, perhaps, the most artistic of the three. This version of your wedding day incorporates footage, interviews with friends and family, as well as special effects. The sky is the limit with this option. Add childhood photographs of you and your new spouse, or suggest special background music. Because this format requires the most editing, it is also the most expensive.
A good videographer carries more than just a camera. He or she also carries an impressive repertoire of video know-how. Ask what video options are available to make your wedding memories last a lifetime.


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