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There are many tasks in wedding planning that provide a chance to exercise creativity. Decorations, music, favors and more let the wedding planner show her stuff. But the wedding cake, literally and metaphorically, tops them all.

Much of that creativity comes, of course, from the wedding cake caterer. But the wedding planner can have a lot of input to the process. Just as a builder may exhibit many innovations, it is still the architect who creates the overall design.

When planning your wedding, and the wedding cake in particular, it is possible to delegate that responsibility entirely. But then you get what you get. Sometimes that's good. Not everyone's expertise is in that area. But providing input into what you like will help increase the odds of getting what you want.

Many designs start from the traditional recessed stacked circular layers. Even within that constraint there are lots of options. A cherry frosting shaped like ribbons and decorated with multi-colored edible confetti can display just the right touch of festiveness. Or, a delicate white, with faux-roses sprouting from the rim at each level, can project the perfect air of love.

Others break the mold right from the start.

A large single-layer cake can easily provide a piece to a dozen or more guests. Restricting the design to this level doesn't unduly restrict the design choices, though.

A strawberry frosted heart-shape can be just the thing to symbolize the love that is formalized on this day. A large cube, covered with candy flowers and wrapped with a frosting bow to resemble a gift is another perfect creation.

Any of these designs can be topped with the traditional bride and groom figures. The placement doesn't have to be at the very pinnacle, though, as in traditional designs.

On the 'gift' design, the couple can easily be nestled in the bow, as if enjoying their honeymoon. They can be leaning back on a 'rock' and kissing on the heart-shaped option. Even on the standard circular layers an alternative placement can make for a great, well, alternative. They might be jointly climbing to the top like mountain climbers, secured to one another with the safety ropes of mutual commitment.

A design can be fun or serious, romantic or playful. After all, the marriage will hopefully incorporate all these aspects and more. Why shouldn't the cake? One thing that any good wedding cake will have for sure, though, is this: it will be unique. Just like the couple getting married.


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